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Posted on 16, September 2015

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Looking to start Pilates? What mat should I buy?

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The winter is setting in and you may be looking to take some of your training indoors?  Perhaps trying an Abs and Back class, Yoga, Pilates, Stretching or a Conditioning class. There are endless types of classes and this will depend on what type of mat you might need. Depending on how often you will need to use your mat and for what purpose. When shopping for an exercise mat there are literally hundreds to choose from, so how do you know which one to choose. Here are some questions to ask before buying your exercise mat.


  1. How important is portability? In my studio, I have extra thick, luxurious, extra-long mats. However, these are designed to stay in my studio not to be transported from class to class. If you are looking to house your mat at home and never leave your living room perhaps you can splash out on a similar deluxe mat, however if you need to carry it on your bike or store it in a locker you may want to look for a lightweight mat with a carrying strap to take with you from class to class.


  1. Will you be using the mat for Static Holds or Movement based exercises? Sometimes you want a smooth surface and sometimes you want a better grip and traction. There are many mats that offer a dual purpose, one side smooth whilst the other side is textured to allow for better grip when holding a static pose such as the Warrior Pose in Yoga. Also perform a press test into the mat and see how quickly it bounces back to shape. Avoid mats that may take a while to return to a normal state as ones that take a while are more likely to maintain permanent indentations.


  1. How frequently will you use the mat? With so many options of mat’s available they all come with a variety of price tags. So, this may help you decide on how much you would like to spend as to how often you will be using the mat. Are you looking to invest in a good quality mat or prefer to switch mats more frequently? Regular users may want to invest in a higher quality mat with support and extra cushioning whilst lighter users may look to save money by not buying the deluxe brand.

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