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Posted on 7, April 2020

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If you have recently had a C-Section and/or have a Diastasis (separation of the stomach midline) then signing up for my Ultimate C -Section and Diastasis Healing Programme is for you.

However, we find ourselves in this Lockdown due to Covid-19 and so the hands on approach is currently off limits. This does not mean you can’t start helping yourself at home. There are numerous things you can start to do to help improve your recovery process at home until you can eventually have a check with a fitness professional who specialises in women health and wellbeing.

Here are my top 3 tips to try:Ultimate C section Scar and Diastasis Healing Programme ONLINE!/uncategorized


  1. Think about how you sit when feeding your baby
  2. prop your back with pillows
  3. prop your baby on pillows up to your breast rather than stooping down to them to offer them the breast
  4. Place your feet on a step or a few books to help raise them up a little, this will help you sit more balanced rather than leaning to a favoured side.


2. POSTUREUltimate C section Scar and Diastasis Healing Programme ONLINE!/uncategorized

  1. Think about how you move when you pick baby/toddler up
  2. Keep a long back at all times (squat position when lifting)
  3. Avoiding flexing as much as possible will reduce the pressure on your DR and C section scar which will in the long term help your recovery
  4. Standing with balanced feet rather than favouring one side too much
  5. Ultimately finding a neutral pelvis again post baby


3. BREATHINGUltimate C section Scar and Diastasis Healing Programme ONLINE!/uncategorized

  1. We need to learn to breathe more efficiently again. Pregnancy causes us to breathe into our shoulders as our diaphragm rises upwards and the baby takes up a lot of belly space so we tend to breathe into our neck and shoulders. Learning to breathe more effectively with help improve our posture, reduce our ribcage flare, improve our pelvic floor and TVA connection and timing and also give us some time to RELAX! (which we all need right now!!)