BEG/INT Pilates Class – Julie 0

Posted on 21, April 2020

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I started with Angela at Physically Fit after pilates was recommended by my physio to help with building support for my knees, which had been painful for some time. Just weeks in I could feel the difference, not just in my knees but in my whole body. It is common to suffer from back problems in my industry but since starting Angela’s classes my core strength has improved such that I no longer have any trouble with my back and am constantly recommending pilates to my colleagues! But the biggest surprise is that I actually enjoy the weekly classes – Angela makes us work hard but with a light touch, so you always end the session feeling ‘good tired’ and looking forward to the next class. If following a routine with a bunch of ladies in leggings sounds like something you would never do by choice, you’d be exactly like me. And now I’m a total convert.