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Posted on 21, April 2020

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I found Angela’s classes 6 years ago and what a gem of a find: the classes and the teacher! I started in her pre-natal classes when I was pregnant with my first little one. Not only did she help build my core strength physically but mentally too with snippets of additional life tips for pregnancy, breathing exercises for birth, mindfulness and group support within the class. I’m convinced my births were better physically and mentally than they would have been without the classes. I carried on into the postnatal classes which are so thoughtfully planned. Babies are more than welcome and it’s fully acceptable to spend the class nursing and cuddling the babies who decide it’s not the time for mummy to exercise! 🥰 I recovered so well after both my deliveries. So after 2 babies I’m now a regular in her Intermediate classes within which she caters for all abilities showing us multiple difficulty levels of the same exercise for us to personally choose. She is also mindful of any injuries we may have and suggests alternatives for any given exercise. I love her approach of talking through each exercise reminding us on technique and which muscles we should fell working. Trying out her class 6 years ago was the best decision I made. Here’s to at least 6 more! Thank you Angela. 😊