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Posted on 21, April 2020

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“I started Pilates with Angela to build core strength and support my back with better posture – as well as to get some ‘time out’ in the busy week. Angela has wonderfully guided me through all of these objectives – she provides such great individual attention and levels suitable for where you are as an individual. The classes are just the right mix of core techniques with ideas to push yourself where you can. Angela is also very good at having a flow within the class and has a really holistic approach encouraging you to think about your whole body and all of the connectiveness. I wholeheartedly recommend her classes!”  Catherine C.
After Angela’s class, I always leave feeling re-aligned, fresh and an inch taller, ready for whatever I might be up against for another week. Angela really focuses on your needs and what will help you, offering alternatives in class if necessary and advice if you want it. Her friendly approach makes you feel you’re in safe hands, no doubt because you are. Lucy
I came to Angela for a personal training session when I was trying to get into shape between my second and third pregnancies. She gave me a fantastic tailored programme and helped motivate me to stick to it. It was a really positive experience. It made total sense to me to start mums and babies Pilates when my baby was 8 weeks old. Gentle but targeted work on the core really helped me to rehabilitate post-birth and it was such a supportive group, with Angela at the heart of it all, understanding babies and how discouraged mums of newborns can feel. I have been amazed by the gradual improvement in my posture and strength as a result and I notice that when I miss a class I get much more backache so it must be preventing problems too. It’s one of the few experiences of exercise in my life which I don’t have to coax myself into doing – I love the classes. Angela knows each person’s particular needs and manages to support and challenge each individual even in the context of a group session. Her warmth, friendliness and humour create a really encouraging environment in which to challenge yourself, or go easy, whatever is needed at the time.  Silvie H
I found Angela’s classes 6 years ago and what a gem of a find: the classes and the teacher! I started in her pre-natal classes when I was pregnant with my first little one. Not only did she help build my core strength physically but mentally too with snippets of additional life tips for pregnancy, breathing exercises for birth, mindfulness and group support within the class. I’m convinced my births were better physically and mentally than they would have been without the classes. I carried on into the postnatal classes which are so thoughtfully planned. Babies are more than welcome and it’s fully acceptable to spend the class nursing and cuddling the babies who decide it’s not the time for mummy to exercise! 🥰 I recovered so well after both my deliveries. So after 2 babies I’m now a regular in her Intermediate classes within which she caters for all abilities showing us multiple difficulty levels of the same exercise for us to personally choose. She is also mindful of any injuries we may have and suggests alternatives for any given exercise. I love her approach of talking through each exercise reminding us on technique and which muscles we should fell working. Trying out her class 6 years ago was the best decision I made. Here’s to at least 6 more! Thank you Angela. 😊Evelene
I started with Angela at Physically Fit after pilates was recommended by my physio to help with building support for my knees, which had been painful for some time. Just weeks in I could feel the difference, not just in my knees but in my whole body. It is common to suffer from back problems in my industry but since starting Angela’s classes my core strength has improved such that I no longer have any trouble with my back and am constantly recommending pilates to my colleagues! But the biggest surprise is that I actually enjoy the weekly classes – Angela makes us work hard but with a light touch, so you always end the session feeling ‘good tired’ and looking forward to the next class. If following a routine with a bunch of ladies in leggings sounds like something you would never do by choice, you’d be exactly like me. And now I’m a total convert. Julie