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Posted on 19, November 2019

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Pilates for Running in Oxford!

Pilates for Running Workshop in Oxford 2020/uncategorized

Back by popular demand! These workshops are designed to give those who are runners of all levels a routine to help support the movements and impact that running puts on the body.

Pilates for runners can help improve posture, balance, core and back strength which will all help lead to a reduction in injuries.

Often when we are time limited we do the thing we want to do the most, such as running without supporting it with strength training, speed training and a stretching programme and overtime this can lead to tightness, injury and reduced ability to do what we love to do, Run!

So, come along to the workshop just for an hour of movement and stretching and take away a few exercises that you can incorporate into your weekly training schedule and start to build this into your routine.

Pilates can help by

  1. stretching your hip flexors
  2. strengthening your butt muscles
  3. improving posture and spinal alignment
  4. increase body awareness
  5. increase pelvic stability
  6. it allows you to continue training through injury and help to rehabilitate after initial injury

If this interests you please register your place by emailing me Angela.jameson@physically-fit.co.uk

First workshop of 2020!

January 26th (Sunday) at 4-5.00pm.

At Physically-fit Private Studio in Cassington, Oxford

£15 for 1hr.


If that date is not suitable there will be more,


May 3rd (Sunday) at 4-5pm

At Physically-fit Private studio in Cassington, Oxford

£15 for 1hr.