Personal Training

Personal training with Physically-fit offers you the Personal Training/
chance to take charge of your life.  Whether it is training during your pregnancy, gaining that flat stomach after giving birth, getting fit or training for a specific event.   With 100% dedication to your goal, continuous motivation and support, personal training is a great way to have fun, get fit and reach your personal goals.

Pre Natal Benefits
•   Improved posture awareness and reduction in back pain
•   Can help to reduce wear and tear on joints
•   Relieves the symptoms of constipation, fatigue, swelling, bloating and cramping
•   Improved sleeping patterns
•   Can help relieve stress and anxiety
•   Prepares the body for birth (strong muscles and heart can greatly ease labour)
•   Can assist in a faster post natal recovery

Post Natal Benefits

– Improved mood and wellbeing
– Release of endorphines (your happy hormones)
– An hour just for YOU!
– One to one focus specific to you and your body needs
– Focus on building your abdominal core strength
– Pelvic floor activation and re-connection
– Guidance every step of your recovery to ensure you do the right exercises as you progress
– Weight loss
– Muscle tone and strength

Physically-fit will ensure you get active, stay fit and feel healthy before, during and after pregnancy.

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER – Physically-fit always recommends that you should consult your doctor, midwife or physical therapist before embarking on a fitness regime.