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Posted on 3, May 2018

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How to Keep Fit at Home/home exercise exercises

Fitness post delivery can be a totally different experience to when you were pregnant, as now you need to firstly have the extra energy to expend on doing some exercise plus having some spare time.

Well, I have some exciting news for you all. We can all find 10min I am sure at some time during our day.  Have a think and if you struggling to find this then perhaps its time to evaluate what’s important in your life, and what’s just ‘getting in your way.’ Once you can do this then you can conquer that challenge and free up some ‘YOU TIME.’ Its important to value yourself and if you do and want to exercise then its time to STOP THE EXCUSES and find the time.

Here are my top tips to help you find the time and what you will need to get started….!

1.FIND 10-20min within your day. Look at your diary/week and find the time to dedicate to yourself!


Gym membership can be expensive so why not keep some kit under your bed or sofa for the quick ‘go to’ when you have your ’10min YOU TIME’

What to buy? 2 x 4-8kg Dumbbells, a resistance band, 8kg Kettlebell, exercise mat.

Although an out lay initially it will be worth it long term and much cheaper than a gym membership.

(This is only a guide if you know you can lift heavier then adjust what you buy according to your strength.)


just 10mins a day will help to maintain your fitness levels and keep your heart strong and healthy

4. FREE PT/CLASS ONLINE– there are so many great videos on you tube that are about 10-20min long so spend a little time searching and find someone you like listening to and like what they incorporate into their workout and put that on and follow along. SIMPLE!

5. INVITE A FRIEND – instead of meeting for a coffee and cake why not walk and talk. Or go to each others houses and do an exercise DVD together as this will make it more fun and enjoyable.

6. ADD MUSIC TO YOUR WORKOUT – if you enjoy music put together your favourite music into a playlist and head out on your brisk walk or run. Or perhaps listen to a podcast that you have been wanting to do for a while. A great way to kill two birds with one stone.

7. SET YOUR DAYS AND TIMES – if you pencil the day and time during the week you will aim to exercise into your diary, this can help to keep you on track and dedicated to your ‘YOU TIME’ give it a go!

Hope this helps you to find a way to get some movement/exercise into your day. It does not need to be hours long, a little goes a long way but more importantly is trying to do it regularly.

Happy Exercising x