Pre and Post Natal Pilates


The ultimate and unique pre natal pilates class in Oxford. This class Is not at ordinary Pilates class!Pre and Post Natal Pilates/


It aims to focus on:

1. engaging your pelvic floor and learning to breathe correctly

2. helps to make you feel and stay energised throughout your pregnancy

3. teaches you functional exercises in preparation for delivery and the demands of being a mum, (squat, bend, extend, rotate, push and pull) making you body aware as your body changes through each trimester.

3. Lots of support and advice on healthy foods that are good for you to eat during pregnancy. Sometimes you get to taste my creations!

4. I enjoy a very holistic all round wellness approach to staying fit and healthy during pregnancy so you will get lots of extra information and advice on how to recover post natal that goes beyond just doing exercises!

4. Prepares you for the physical demands of being a mum!

Pre and Post Natal Pilates/


This class will not only help to prepare you for delivery by keeping you strong (endurance strength for labour) but also give you the knowledge of how to look after your body post delivery. (knowing what you should and should not do post delivery is vital in ensuring a quick and effective recovery)

Ideally you would have had your 12 weeks scan and had the clearance from your GP/midwife to start or continue exercising.

WHEN – Thursday’s 7.45-8.45pm

LOCATION –  Cassington private home studio



The Ultimate post natal pilates class for new mums in Oxford.  From 6 weeks post natal or 10 weeks if you have had a c-section. 

Pre and Post Natal Pilates/

Post Natal Pilates Class (with babies)

Pre and Post Natal Pilates/


My aim of this 6 week post natal pilates course is to:

1. Re-educate and flatten your tummy muscles.

2. Develop strength of pelvic floor muscles by doing   pelvic floor exercises that work.

3. Breathe effectively to help your pelvic floor and core work in synergy.

4. Strengthen your abdominal muscles to support your back

5. Learn exercises specific to help your Diastasis separation.

6. Learn some self massage for a C-section scar

7. Learn the importance of food to help not just with weight loss but with pelvic/core and overall health.

8. Build functional exercises to develop strength throughout your whole body so you feel strong again, from the inside out!

9. Meet other mums. You are not alone!

10. Do a class for YOU whilst baby watches!

Babies are very welcome to join  you for a workout!


WHEN – Thursday’s 10.30-11.30am

LOCATION –  Cassington Village Hall, Cassington.

Please email me at or call me 07966 297430 if you are interested in attending.