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Top 7 Ways to Keeping Active During the Summer Holidays! 0

Posted on 9, July 2019

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TOP 7 WAYS TO KEEP ACTIVE DURING THE SUMMER HOLIDAYS! So, its not long now until the summer holidays hit us and we have our kids 24/7! So, how and when can you fit in your exercise regime. Firstly it involves planning (as best as you can with the kids running around!)   When would be the best time of day to try fit in 20-30min exercise? Morning, afternoon, evening? Can you fit it in before the kids wake up, can you tag team with your partner, perhaps when they are all asleep you can do your chosen workout?) Can [&hellip

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What is a Diastasis Recti? How do i know if i have it and how do i fix it? 0

Posted on 16, October 2018

in Category Diastasis Recti, Exercises, Pilates Classes, Post Natal

What is a Diastasis Recti?  How do you know you have it and how to fix it? A Diastasis Recti or DR is the widening of the gap between the 2 sections of the Rectus Abdominus or (6 pack muscles) The split occurs at the Linea Alba, the mid line collagen structures of connective tissue at the front of the abdomen. (see image) 100% of women have some level of diastasis of the rectus abdominis in the third trimester (Diane Lee, 2013) 66% of women with a DR have some level of pelvic floor dysfunction   The Linea Alba no [&hellip

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7 ways to find your healthy self! 0

Posted on 5, September 2018

in Category Exercises, home exercise, Time Managment

7 Ways to find your healthy self!   This year we have had a fabulous, warm summer. The weather has been marvelous sitting out enjoying a glass of wine whilst eating al fresco as much as possible. All routines have been thrown out of the window especially any exercise that may have been done during term time. But this week it’s back to school! The kids may be excited to see their friends after what seems like a very long summer but are we ready to find our healthy groove again?  Are you ready to get back into a healthy [&hellip

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Pilates for Runners Workshop – 8th July 0

Posted on 20, June 2018

in Category Exercises, home exercise, Pilates Classes, Runners, Uncategorized, Workshops

Pilates for Runners workshop – Pelvis Stability, Core and Glute Strength!  (This will be a repeat of the one done on the 20th May) 8th July 5-6pm (Please make note of the start time being 5pm) Cassington Village Hall £10 Join me in my Pilates for Runners workshop to learn how to stabilise your pelvis for running by simply incorporating core and leg strength into your training programme. It does not need to be hours of extra work but just a few exercises that will compliment your training and support you in your running. Whether you are a couch to 5k runner or an [&hellip

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5 Core exercises for Runners 0

Posted on 24, May 2018

in Category Exercises, home exercise, Runners, Uncategorized, Workshops

5 Core exercises for Runners I was thinking about my pilates for runners workshop and what really came through as a topic of interest to everyone that attended was the stability of your pelvis when running. So, I thought I would discuss this a little deeper for those interested. We may know we need this but may not know how to achieve it. We often know that we should strengthen our ‘core muscles’ for running but are we doing this as effectively as we can when we are doing it and remember each rep counts! When we run, one leg moves forward whilst [&hellip

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How to Keep Fit at Home 0

Posted on 3, May 2018

in Category Exercises, home exercise

HOW TO KEEP FIT AT HOME Fitness post delivery can be a totally different experience to when you were pregnant, as now you need to firstly have the extra energy to expend on doing some exercise plus having some spare time. Well, I have some exciting news for you all. We can all find 10min I am sure at some time during our day.  Have a think and if you struggling to find this then perhaps its time to evaluate what’s important in your life, and what’s just ‘getting in your way.’ Once you can do this then you can conquer that challenge [&hellip

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C-Section Recovery, Breathing and what to do in the first 6 weeks?! 0

Posted on 28, September 2017

in Category C-section, Exercises

C-Section Recovery, Breathing and What to do in the first 6 weeks? I am sure my father in law would not mind me using him as a reference but he recently had a hip operation to help repair his hip joint after falling from his bike on a closed circuit cycling event. Since his operation he has had multiple follow up appointments with his surgeon, physiotherapist and hydrotherapy to help his recovery with plenty of ‘homework’ to be done at home in between appointments. He has worked very hard to recover and rehab his hip and he has had to [&hellip

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Squatting for Life, Labour and Post delivery 0

Posted on 7, July 2014

in Category Exercises, News

Squatting for life, labour and post delivery So, one of the biggest things I can share with any pre or post natal woman is the importance of the squat for functional movement in daily life but even more useful in labour and then when your baby has arrived. I have always remained fit throughout my pregnancy,  by swimming,  cycling, teaching  body balance but most importantly I did some strength training twice a week (that’s all I felt I could fit in as I was still working plus I needed to listen to my body and this is what I could [&hellip

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3 Exercises to help restore your core after birth 0

Posted on 30, March 2014

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3 EXERCISES TO HELP REPAIR YOUR CORE STRENGTH POST DELIVERY (these exercises are designed for the non c-section women) Single leg lifts Start with both feet on the floor in an imprint (back to flo0r) connection. Slowly engage pelvic floor and transverse abdominus (if you not sure about this please check out my booklet on sale for £2.99 for more information about how to engage pf and TVA. Then slowly breathe out and lift right leg to 90 degrees. Stop and breathe in, slowly breathe out and lower toe to tap to floor and repeat X 8 each side.     [&hellip

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Functional Exercises for strengthening your Glute Medius (Butt Muscles) 0

Posted on 5, September 2013

in Category Exercises

Functional Exercises for strengthening Glute Medius (Butt Muscles) Following on from my previous blog on side lying leg raises being a good starting point for glute rehabilitation and muscle activation in a low load, low gravity I thought I might highlight just 4 functional based exercises to work further into the gluteus medius muscles.   1. Single leg squats/ Pistol Squats               2. Single leg bridge             3. Lateral Band Walking ‘Penguin Walks’               4. One leg deadlift           [&hellip

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