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Posted on 29, August 2015

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September is drawing near and it gives me a moment to reflect on a few things. Firstly how quickly the year is going! Ekk and Secondly, its 3 months till the end of this year, double Ekkk! So, now is the time I knuckle down and get on with planning my winter timetable, my goals leading up to Christmas and the what’s next question?

So, what are your personal goals now that the kids have gone back to school or what is your focus leading up to Christmas?

More ‘YOU’ time?
More ‘Exercise’?
Eat better?
More ‘relaxing/mindfulness’
Watch back to back series of ‘The Good Wife’

Whatever your goal is, write it down, put it on the fridge or tell your friend of work colleague. Take ownership on it and stick to it. Don’t make too many goals that are not achievable, just keep it simple and specific to YOU!
For me, I am happy to say that my Pilates classes are booked up and ready to start next week. I have a variety of classes on offer from the pre and post-natal specific to the beginner through to advanced level and deal with anyone who may suffer from back aches and pains to wanting to keep their bodies in good shape for an event such as running or triathlon. Or perhaps it is their ‘down time’ where its time away from everything just for them. Whatever the goal, every person in each of these classes has their own specific reason as to why they are attending Pilates. If you are interested in trying a class please do get in touch. Start your focus now before its Christmas!

You are never too late to start…